Tips For Searching the Fresno MLS

Thank you for using as your direct public portal to the Fresno MLS system. This blog post is to help you in your search, so that your home search results will be only the “Active” listings in the Fresno MLS system. The most important thing is the “status” of a property listing, after all, you can’t buy a property that is not available. You need to be conscious of the “prop status” field in the details and results pages, and understand that “Backup” status, is not a listing that is available for sale at this time. You want to find listings that are “Active” status. The purpose of “backup” status is to inform you, that an offer has been accepted and is working through the time frames of contingencies and inspections, or it could be a short sale waiting for the existing lender’s approval of a short payoff, and the remote possibility of a backup offer being taken by the listing agent. If you are serious about buying a home, my advice is to ignore “Backup” status listings and find the “Active” status listings. When you run a search, in the results page, take notice of the status, which is near the top of each listing in the results. Try using the “Advanced Search” function. On the “Advanced Search” page, find the status choices, and select or highlight the “Active” field. The default for searches is both “Active” and “Backup”, so to select “Active” and it will filter out the “Backup” status listings from the results.