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If a combination of outdoor recreation opportunities and easy access to big cities appeals to you, then Fresno is the perfect relocation destination. This vibrant city in the heart of California is home to just under 500,000 residents who enjoy all the benefits of living in this location. California is known as the Golden State due to the famous California Gold Rush of 1848 where gold was found at Sutter`s Mill in Coloma, California. Since then many people moving to the area have made their fortunes in this prosperous state. If this makes you long to be here, you may book your truck rental now and soon you could be beginning your own American Dream.

Fresno is the fifth largest city in the state and is located within the larger Metropolitan Fresno district, where the population is just over 1.1 million residents. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild, sometimes wet, winters. Being situated in the San Joaquin Valley makes the city an enviable place to live, as it is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of three national parks: Sequoia, Kings Canyon and the world renowned, Yosemite. Yosemite National Park was one of the country`s first wilderness parks and covers an area of almost 1,200 square miles. Visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of tumbling waterfalls, ancient giant sequoias and grand meadows. Tourists from all over the world travel to this location, to experience its clean, fresh air and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy opportunities for hiking, biking, walking, horse-back riding and photography, to name just a few. Imagine having this wonderful resource for adventure and relaxation only minutes away from your home. How incredible.

Fresno and the surrounding areas offer plenty of employment opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. The region is the number county in the whole of the United States for agriculture and many Fresno residents are employed in this sector. Other employers include the City of Fresno, the California State University, Community Medical Centers and Saint Agnes Medical Centers, Zacky Farms, a food producer and the telecoms giant AT&T. With jobs from janitor to Professor, manual labor or white-collar positions, there is a wide scope of employment for individuals relocating here.

Major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are only a few hours drive away. Fresno residents are happy to travel to these locations to experience the buzz and excitement that only they can provide. If you love to indulge in retail therapy, the fashionable stores and bespoke boutiques of LA will be your second home! LA has miles of sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean stretching to the horizon. For a spot of people watching, enjoy a leisurely coffee and pastry whilst watching an array of colorful characters at Venice Beach!

San Francisco offers visitors a rich, cultural history and Fresno residents head here particularly when hosting guests. Family and friends will enjoy touring the notorious island prison of Alcatraz or riding on an iconic cable car to the affluent Nob Hill district, home to millionaires and billionaires. Who knows, if you relocate to Fresno you may be just a step away from your next move here? Begin your own American Dream and good luck!
Clovis is the old west celebrated daily! Since 1912 , Clovis has been known as the “Gateway to the Sierras”. In addition to its proximity to fabulous mountain recreation sites,California’s largest rodeo is traditionally held here in April. Dedicated to promoting planned growth, the City’s population has more than doubled since 1975, reaching a current level of over 55,000, and encompassing over 12-square miles in area. Based on growth experienced over the past decade, the population of Clovis is expected to exceed 75,000 by the year 2007.


Fresno has a comprehensive system of educational institutions, including California State University Fresno, Fresno Pacific College, The National University, State Center Community College, and the San Joaquin College of Law.
CSUF, Nationally ranked athletic programs, an imressive academic reputation, theatrical performances, art exhibits and concerts are just a few of the strengths of California State University, Fresno. Established in 1911, Fresno State currently ranks third among the 19 schools for its accredited programs. Fresno State offers bachelor’s degree programs in 55 fields of study and graduate degrees in 42 areas. The university’s enrollment tops 19,000,including 3,500 graduate students. Fresno State’s 1,410 acre grounds include a 220 acre main campus with 40 major buildings and an exensive farm.
Fresno Unified School District is the fourth largest district in California, and has an enrollment of 78,000. There are 65 elementary schools (28 are year round or single tract year round), 17 middle schools, 7 comprehensive high schools, continuation schools and special ed programs. Try the Fresno Unified “School Locater” site to find the schools for any given Fresno address, and download boundary maps at:
Clovis Unified School District is often regarded as one of the premier educational systems in the State of California. There are 22 elementary schools, 3 intermediate schools, 3 high schools,1 alternative education campus, 1 adult school portable campus. Try the Clovis Unified “School Locater” site to find the schools for any given Clovis address at:


Housing in Fresno County is the most affordable housing in any metropolitan area of California. The cost of living in Fresno ranks below the average of many other California cities, and has historically offered some of he best housing prices in the state. There is a tremendous variety of housing from starter homes to river and lake-front estates. All purchase prices reflect the low housing costs of Fresno County. In addition to a healthy lifestyle,low density population and a central location, Fresno is ranked as the most affordable metropolitan market in California, and offers a relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle.
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Fresno’s temperature is mild and pleasant throughout the majority of the year. Elevations vary from 100′ above sea level on the Valley floor to 14,000′ in the highest Sierra Mountain peaks provide climate variations from Mediterranean to alpine. The summer average temperature in Fresno County is 94 degrees with low humidity, and evening temperatures in the 70’s are ideal for outdoor entertaining, concerts in the park, and sporting events. The winter average temperature is about 45 degrees. Fresno County enjoys sunshine an average 83% of the year, with 9.86 inches of average annual rainfall. The rich, productive soil of the valley floor, contributes to Fresno’s reputation as the number one agribusiness county of the nation.



Fresno County is a site for regional headquarters for a variety of industries. It is the center for business and commerce in the heart of California. Fresno has plenty of affordable office space and a large pool of qualified white collar workers. The professional work force, location and educational support make Fresno County the major center for health care between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Growing national and regional agribusiness headquarters have spurred the develpment of additional office and industrial
park projects. Fresno is the major media center between northern and southern California. As the 59th ranked television market nationally,the Fresno signal area is composed of more that 450,000 households. Fresno County is the home of
many Federal and State governmental institutions, including educational,judicial, and regulatory branches as well as the Internal Revenue Service
Western Processing Center.


Fresno county enjoys a broad cultural diversity represented by over 70 different nationalities. The county population exceeds 700,000 with approximately 385,000 living within the city of Fresno covering an area of over 100 square miles. Fresno’s inhabitants have a median age of 29 years, well below the national average of 32. Our county draws younger families
seeking affordable housing, healthy economic conditions and a stable environment.


Local Entertainment and Things To Do

Save Mart Center

The Save Mart Center is a large indoor arena that was completed at the end of 2003 on the campus of Fresno State. It has hosted a wide range of music acts, from Britney Spears to Prince, as well as other shows, in addition to all Fresno State home basketball games and Fresno Falcons home games. Trade publication Pollstar ranked the arena number 24 in the world for 2004 ticket sales. The new arena replaces downtown’s Selland Arena as the home for Fresno State men’s basketball, Fresno Falcons games, and major events.

River Park

The “River Park” area (so named for its proximity to the San Joaquin River, which divides Fresno and Madera counties) in north-central Fresno is a major shopping and entertainment district, right in the middle of the rapidly expanding northern sprawl. It properly refers to only the specific shopping center of the same name between Blackstone Avenue, the 41 freeway, Minarets Avenue, and Nees Avenue, but locals usually use the name to refer to places on the west side of Blackstone or the region in general (one common boundary for the broader area is Woodward Park). The area houses several “big-box” retailers, an outdoor mall, and a 21-screen Edward’s movie theater.

Fig Garden Village

Fig Garden Village (or simply “Fig Garden”) is widely known as being the most luxurious shopping plaza in the city. It houses many city icons, such as The Warner Company- a heavily-awarded jewelry producer, and La Boulangerie- an upscale French bakery and bistro. It also features events such as the annual “Fig Gig” jazz festival. Due to increasing competition from the recently popularized River Park district of town, Fig Garden Village has been expanding and refining its offerings. This includes the planned development of around 50 new stores and outlets. However, these new aspirations for Fig Garden Village have caused some people to question if they might detract from the plaza’s long-held classy image.

Tower District

The Tower District in central Fresno- long the center of the city’s intelligentsia- is home to a number of higher-end eating establishments, night clubs, and independent book and record stores- along with the historic Tower theater. Much of the “Old World” style architecture in the homes and buildings in this area.

Fashion Fair Mall

The city’s largest indoor mall, Fashion Fair, recently underwent major renovations. It hosts Macy’s, Gottschalks, JC Penney, and over 100 other retailers. The construction of a parking garage and possibly an outdoor mall (like that at River Park) are currently in the works.

Downtown / Fulton Mall

Additionally, the city is working hard to revitalize downtown. For the past forty years, it has been mostly a government center, even with such developments as the Fulton Mall (converted from a part of Fulton Street, it was the first pedestrian mall of its kind in the U.S.). High-rise buildings have now been going up again, and a new federal courthouse will soon strip the 22-story county building of its title as the tallest in Fresno. Office space, such as that at the 11-story Tower at Convention Center Court, finished in 2003, has also been coming back to downtown. This and other plans are part of the city’s “Vision 2010” that aims to bring residents back to the area.